Lebenswelt And My Life Is So Frail
Soapkills Kazdoura
Iuno Spy
Iuno Shortterm Memory Failure
Remy In This Place
Fractional Nirbel
Sutrastore Succeed
After Affects Central Station
Remy Visions
2006 • CD • AKH Records • AKH 04061-2

Compilation of bands and artists we are dealing with.


Here we have a sampler of Remy's AKH Records label. All names except Remy's own are unknown to me. Lebenswelt starts this disc with "And My Life Is So Frail". I must say it's an interesting jazzy track with some synth coloring and a bit of FX but not EM. Anyway, on to Soapkills "Kadzoura". Sounds like a folk / classical piece, compete with female vocals! Gentle electronic rhythm / organs provide a nice backing. So, again, not EM, but nice to listen to anyway. It does make use of interesting sampling techniques but it ends up sounding like a mixture of Dub and Progrock. On to Iuno's "Spy" which opens with quiet piano playing but after a couple of seconds we can hear once again female singing similar to that heard on the previous track. I would say that there's little difference between this and "Kadzoura". In fact, they sound as if they were made by the same person. Another track by Iuno follows that features jazzy rhythmic backing and once again those female spoken / singed vocals. I must say it's nice stuff but all really not my cup of tea. Well, perhaps it will grow on me, as happened so many times with a lot of weird and different stuff. A track by Remy follows, called "In This Place". A mysterious bell-like melody casts its spell, echoing into the distance. Background Mellotron choir can barely be heard, as well as subtle strings. Great, moody stuff. A slow rhythm eventually appears and forms the basis for the last part of this highly repetitive, minimal track. We continue with Fractional's "Nirbel" that disrupts the flow with jarring rhythm / aggressive sounds. This is a nice track but it belongs to the Techno culture in my book. We continue with Sutrastore's "Succeed". Urban atmospheres are combined with broken rhythms. Looks like the album made a complete turn towards the IDM side of things. Male voice half-sings and is then joined by a female one for some sort of a chorus (year, right). Nice music, this one. "Central Station" by The After Affects only confirms my presumption about this sampler going for the IDM thing. Nice Pet Shop Boys-like processed vocals on this one. Remy closes the disc with "Visions". Mysterious piano notes make up for a nice intro. Well, actually the piano and the background pads are pretty much all we have on this number, plus a bit of a rhythm at the end. Nice track, though, and very different. I enjoyed it. The "AKH Records" sampler is something of a mixed bag, then, where Remy's own tracks were the ones I enjoyed the most.

26.08.2006. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia Of Electronic Music