Some updates:
- Photos from E-Live and Iuno's gig at Filmtheater Lumière.
- Changed tourdata and new reviews Sutrastore.
- Je M'en Fish showcase:
5 November, Langweiligkeit 6e editie, Grote Markt Den haag.
With: Eega X, Foochow, and Wixel.
- ... And we will finally announce some new releases before the end of 2005!

Friday 23rd September Iuno will perform their new show at Filmtheater Lumière.
Steven and Stella will be accompanied by a completely new Iunolab, consisting of Dr-Error (images), Pauline van Schoonhoven (decor) and Ksenia Beltiukova (violin).
Details: Friday 23 September 2005, 23:00h, Filmtheater Lumière, Bogaardenstraat 40, 6211 SP Maastricht. Free entrance!

An exclusive Iuno T-shirt can now be ordered from Iuno's website.

Great news for Sutrastore fans from Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland!
In cooperation with Je M'en Fish there will be an European Tour in November of Sutrastore and Wasaïa.
Watch this webspace for more dates in Europe to come!

Fractional has been added to the agenda. More information about this experimental electronics musician will follow soon!

22 AUGUST 2005

- Iuno performs at Filmtheater Lumière, in Maastricht, 23 September, 23:30.
- Some more reviews have been added!
- And in October we will finally announce some new releases!

19 JULY 2005

We've added some photos from Iuno's gig at Test-Portal 2005 (this should have been more, but there were some problems with the camera...), and a couple of reviews from Sutrastore's debut EP!

14 JUNE 2005

23 June Iuno will play at Test-Portal 2005.
Iuno will introduce some new 'Iuno-lab' members, as well as some new tracks!
So be sure to check them out!

30 MAY 2005

More soundclips, (enlarged) photos and reviews have been added to this site.
And we also hope to anounce some new releases on this news page very soon!

Je M'en Fish will be present 5 June at the Virus Festival in Eindhoven.
Also be sure to check out the collective's site for (a lot of) other events with and around Je M'en Fish

2 MAY 2005

Sutrastore - Love Evolution 1.0 has been released officially today!
The coming time we will distribute the cd's to several stores (which you can find in our links section).

Iuno is going to play at Popronde 2005, a festival that travels past 10 dutch cities every year, from september until october.
As soon as we know any date, it will be added to the agenda!

Vote on Iuno again, this time on the Ongekend Talent website.
Ongekendtalent.nl gives artists the opportunity to expose their talents!

We have now added some mp3's in the discography sections of each artist. More will follow...
Also check other parts on this website for recently added photos, reviews, and concerts!

15 APRIL 2005

Welcome to the new AKH Records website!

The 6 track debut EP from Sutrastore, called "Love Evolution 1.0" is available.
Due to a delay in shipping of the artwork, the official release will now be 2 May, but it's already possible to order it from this website!
Besides the great music that can be heard on it, the disc comes in a very nice new package: the Repak.

There are still some copies left from the Special Edition DVD-package (limited to 50 individually numbered copies), so order quickly to get hold of this edition!

After the succesful Recyclart Event in Brussels, Sutrastore recently gave 2 performances in Locus Solus Club in Ankara, Turkey.

Also check out this website's agenda-session for new tourdates!

31 MARCH 2005

15 April the 6 track debut EP from Sutrastore, called "Love Evolution 1.0" will be released.
Check out this website's agenda-section for new tourdates!

15 April will also be the launch of the newly designed AKH Records website!

Saturday 2 April AKH Records will be present at the 11th Alfa Centauri Festival, in theatre Graaf Wichman, Huizen, The Netherlands.
Tickets for this event can be ordered from www.quantumproductions.nl

21 JANUARY 2005

Iuno reached no.1 in the Lowlands Top 25.
Please keep on voting: http://www.popinstituut.nl/lowlands/stemlijst.html

19 JANUARY 2005

You can vote for Iuno in the Lowlands Top 25.
At the moment they are on the 3rd place, but we think it's possible to get them listed higher!!!:-)
Just vote for them (1 entry per day): http://www.popinstituut.nl/lowlands/stemlijst.html