24 DECEMBER 2006

AKH Records wishes everyone a great Christmas and all the best for 2007!

14 DECEMBER 2006

We have Francis Rimbert's cd "Sound Of Vintage" in stock, which can be ordered from our catalog!

12 DECEMBER 2006

Fractional performs 16 December at the Botanique, Brussels, as part of the finals of the Courtcircuit Contest.
For this show Pierre will be accompanied by VJ Antonin De Bemels.

This week we expect in stock Francis Rimbert's new cd "Sound Of Vintage".

24 NOVEMBER 2006

Francis Rimbert is preparing for a concert with Jean Michel Jarre, to be held on December 16th, in Merzouga, Morocco. For more information check Francis' website.
And some Francis Rimbert solo performances have been added to our agenda!

It's now possible to pre-order Francis Rimbert's new cd "Sound Of Vintage".
This album contains previously released music from 1983 to 1986, and an special unreleased track from 1970.


Tonight the finals of the Electronica Contest 2006 will be held at the Kultuurkaffee (Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels, Belgium). Ewout will also be in the jury and he might select an act which will have at least one track on a vinyl release on AKH Records next year.

29 OCTOBER 2006

Tomorrow a new edition of The Music Cafe is sheduled on MiVo Radio.
This edition also features music from Remy.
The show starts at 20:00 CET, 07:00 pm GMT/UK time, 02:00 pm EST, and can be listened via this link.

24 OCTOBER 2006

Fractional has been added to the line-up of the Langweiligkeit Festival in The Hague.
Information can be found in our agenda.
Sutrastore has already been planned for this festival some earlier.
Also some new Sutrastore gigs have been added.

We have added some soundclips of Fractional's debut-cd Aliwen.

18 OCTOBER 2006

Francis Rimbert will be the guest for a special show on Jerico Channel in Metz on Thursday 19 October.
You will be able to listen to some Double Face tracks from Monday 16th.
Francis will spend his afternoon in Metz on Jerico Channel: a two hours show: "Clin d'Oeil+" From 22:00 (CET) untill midnight with Jean Marie Vannesson.
Francis will answer your questions, call: + 33 (0)3 87 75 91 11.
He will also play some excerpts live, and fans are welcome to visit Francis Rimbert during the show or during the signing session!

This Saturday (21 October) Fractional will play at L'Entrepot, Arlon, Belgium.
His debut cd "Aliwen" will be for sale at this event!

17 OCTOBER 2006

Francis Rimbert's releases Double Face and Mecanique Du Temps are in stock!

15 OCTOBER 2006

Yesterday we were present at the E-Live Festival. It really was a nice day with a lot of visitors!

We have also received new releases that are available from our catalog now:
Fractional - Aliwen and Analogy 2.
Analogy 2 contains an exclusive analog track by Remy!

This week we also expect Francis Rimbert's releases which can also be ordered exclusively from AKH Records: Double Face and Mecanique Du Temps.
This second title has been limited to 400 copies, and we have some of the last copies available, so be sure you get hold of a copy in time!

And Remy's promotional cd's of Sense have all been given away.

It's possible again to vote for Fractional on the Concours Circuit 2006 website.

Furthermore we have added some new reviews of Remy's album Sense.

5 OCTOBER 2006

Tonight at 11 pm (5:00 AM CET, 6 October)) on Galactic Travels (WDIY 88.1, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (U.S.A.), hosted by Bill Fox), there will be the start of a month-long Special Focus on Remy. The Featured CD at Midnight will be "The Art of Imagination", and the following shows:
12-10 features "Connected", 19-10 "DisConnected", and 26-10 "Sense".
Listening is also possible via webstream.

We've also got hold of some of the limited cd's of Francis Rimbert's & Patrick Rondat's "Mecanique Du Temps", which can also be ordered from our catalogue.

14 October AKH Records will be present at the E-Live Festival in Eindhoven.
If everything goes as planned, we also have available that day:
Fractional's debut cd "Aliwen" and the Francis Rimbert cd's "Double Face" and "Mecanique Du Temps".

Voting for Remy and the AKH Records sampler has been ended. Highest reached positions were # 6 (AKH sampler) and # 7 (Sense). Thanks to everyone who brought out their votes!


AKH Records will be doing part of the distribution for the music of French synthesizer legend Francis Rimbert.
Francis is known for his collaborations with Jean Michel Jarre since 1986 and various demonstrations for Roland Music!
It's possible to order his cd "Double Face" from our catalogue.
Francis is also working on his new cd, which is planned for the end of this year.

And besides voting for Remy's cd Sense and the AKH Records sampler in the Lowlands Top 25, it's also possible to vote for Fractional on the Concours Circuit 2006 website. At this moment he is ranked highest with more than 80% of the votes!


A new performance of Fractional has been added to our agenda!


One of the last weeks that the AKH Records sampler and Remy's cd Sense are in the Lowlands Top 25, they have reached their highest position until now: resp. # 6 and # 7. Still some time to get more votes!

... And...

We are proud to announce a new AKH Records release:

Fractional - Aliwen

Releasedate: 13 October.

Pre-orders are welcome!
We have already added the tracklisting and artwork.
More details and soundclips will follow soon!

30 AUGUST 2006

We have put links to some MySpace-pages in the links-section.

29 AUGUST 2006

New reviews of Remy's Sense and the AKH Records sampler have been added.

The AKH Records sampler is now ranked # 8, and Sense is at # 13 in the Lowlands Top 25.

15 AUGUST 2006

Soapkills live in Lebanon, in rather hard times at the moment. We have received a message from them that they are doing well due to circumstances. Our thoughts are with them!

Fractional has a new website.
It's updated in our links-section, as well as some other websites. We will announce the date of his debut cd-release "Aliwen" very soon on this page.
The information of The Afteraffects has changed. Ricky has decided to call it a day with the band. Alan is rebuilding his studio at the moment, and continues under the same name, going to make more dance-oriented music.

Remy appears on "Analogy 2" with a new track. This cd contains music from various artists made with only analog equipment, and can already be pre-ordered from us. We ship as soon as it is available (releasedate 14 October).

And Remy's album "Sense" as well as the AKH Records sampler are jojoing a bit in the Lowlands Top 25. Now they are respectively 20 and 13. As these albums are at a maximum of 3 months in this chart, we still count on your votes for another 1,5 months!

If you want to see Sutrastore live in the Netherlands, there are two opportunities very soon: 't Paard van Troje (entrance only 5 euros, or free if you are student) and Langweiligkeit Festival. Links can be found in the agenda.

29 JULY 2006

Good news: Sutrastore is coming to the Netherlands twice. See the agenda for information!

Bad news: Remy's album Sense is now # 14, and the AKH Records sampler is at # 13 in the Lowlands Top 25.

20 JULY 2006

Remy's album Sense reaches # 8, and the AKH Records sampler is at # 10 in the Lowlands Top 25.
They actually should be ranked higher, so we still need your help and co-operation...

10 JULY 2006

This moment Remy's Sense and the AKH Records sampler are respectively ranked 9 and 14 in the Lowlands Top 25. Thanks for the votes so far, but indeed it should be possible to get them ranked higher in the list! So hopefully everyone keeps on voting on these albums!

And a (excellent) review of Sense has been added!

3 JULY 2006

Vote On Remy's new cd "Sense" and the AKH Records sampler in the Lowlands Top 25.
It should be possible to get them higher in this chart, like Iuno's "Everything Nothing" last year (reached #1).
You can bring out your votes only once a day!

21 JUNE 2006

This month's E-Dition Magazine (#13) contains a review of Remy's most recent album "Sense".
On the accompanied cd is an exclusive new track, called "Destination Unknown".

5 JUNE 2006

Fractional won the PureDemo contest!

30 MAY 2006

Fractional has been selected for the PureDemo contest.
You can vote for him on the PureDemo website.
It's possible to vote once a day!

12 MAY 2006

Today we've got to hear that Remy's new cd "Sense" will not be ready in time... Reason is the special package which took some more time then expected!
We now expect the discs from the manufacturer around Tuesday, so Wednesday every order should be dispatched. Sorry for the inconvenience!
However... Tomorrow we still will be present at the E-Day Festival (see our agenda at www.akhrecords.nl for more information), where it is possible to listen to the new album for sure.
If you pay your order in advance tomorrow, you will already get the free promo cd-r (which we do have available); as soon as "Sense" is ready to ship, we will send it to you as soon as possible!

9 MAY 2006

Credits and a soundclip have been added for Remy's promotional cd-r, which will be for free with the first 70 copies of "Sense". It contains an exclusive new track of which an edited version was planned for the album in first instance, but didn't make it finally!
Be sure to order Remy's new cd in time, and get this exclusive cd-r for free!

2 MAY 2006

Credits have been added for Remy's new cd!

AKH Records will be present with a stall on E-day (TU Eindhoven, 13 May).
Indeed you can pick up your copy of Remy's new cd, as well as the AKH Records sampler or any of our other products.
See the agenda-section for details about this event.

1 MAY 2006

It's possible to listen to excerpts from Remy's new album. Just go to Remy's discography page in the artists-section, and click on the picture of "Sense".

Sutrastore performs as part of the Belgian Finals of the Emergenza international music competition, Brussels, May 9th.
If they win these finals, they will go to the European finals in Tilburg, and after that to the Worldwide in Hamburg.
At the end the prizes are a tour in the US, and recording of a complete album at an international top-studio.
The number of fans that attend the performance in Brussels will be significant for their score.
Sutrastore is organising a bustrip for Belgian fans. Detailed information can be found on Sutrastore's forum.
Tickets for the finals cost 12 euros (pre-sales), but if you order via us or Sutrastore it will be 10 euros.

25 APRIL 2006

Remy's new cd-release "Sense" has been postponed. New releasedate is 12 May!
The first people who order this cd will also get a free promotional cd with exclusive Remy-music.
We will announce its contents within a very short time.
The tracklisting of "Sense" has been added to Remy's discography.

11 APRIL 2006

Photos of Remy's performance at the )Toon) Festival have been added.

6 APRIL 2006

This weekend we hope to receive our AKH Records sampler. It contains exclusive tracks by artist of, and related to AKH Records. We will add all information on this website within a very short time.

Also some new releases are being planned. Besides the sampler and Remy's new cd "Sense", Fractional and Lebenswelt will have their debuts on AKH Records within a very short time!

Remy performs live at the )Toon) Festival this Saturday. Remy plays as part of a workstation, which features 5 artists. Doors are open from 14:30, and the program starts half an hour later. Entrance for this part of the festival is FREE.

15 MARCH 2006

Lebenswelt live:
An Italian radio-program, called "Marquee Moon", has invited Lebenswelt for their first gig of this year.
It will be in S.Elpidio, near Ascoli Piceno, on Saturday 25 March.

12 MARCH 2006

Soapkills is winner of the Euromedcafe contest 2006!

The EuroMedCafe first international song contest Jury (made up Stéphane Salkin, Henri Greindl, Goéric Timmermans and Saïd Mourad), has awarded the song "Enta Fen" from Soapkills, during the selection process held in Brussels on 27 February 2006.

8 MARCH 2006

In E-Dition Magazine #12 (10 April) will be an interview with Remy!

5 MARCH 2006

Lots of updates on this website!
Information about new artists / bands, new products in our catalog, photos, etc.

28 FEBRUARY 2006

A new gig of Fractional has been added to the agenda!

26 FEBRUARY 2006

Remy will perform at Déja Fou (Pelibar Leiden - free entrance!) and the 7th )Toon) Festival (Patronaat Haarlem). For details see the agenda.
Both gigs will be based on improvisations on Remy's new album, which will also be released around the time of these performances.

18 FEBRUARY 2006

We've added some nice photos of Sutrastore, and also a couple of links have been added to the links section!

14 FEBRUARY 2006

If you live in Gent (105.3FM) or via internet, it's possible to hear Fractional live on Urgent FM this midnight!


Remy started the recording of his new cd (working title "Sense") in his new studio.
You can check Remy in his studio at the photos section.
The album will be released somewhere halfway this year.

28 JANUARY 2006

Concert dates are updated! Sutrastore again touring outside Belgium!
If you live near Glasgow or Edinburgh you should check out The After Affects, who can also be heard on Scottish BBC Radio, February 27th.

Sutrastore ended up first at the Emergenza pre-selections last Friday! Next up are the Belgian semi-finals somewhere March at the VK in Molenbeek, Brussels. We'll keep you informed!

26 JANUARY 2006

We have had some server-problems, but this site is online again finally!
Trying to get the bands with an AKH release near you on a podium, and releasing some new very interesting albums, we hope to satisfy you as much as possible this year!
On the program are very interesting releases of newcomers Fractional and Lebenswelt!
Their biographies will be added soon in the artist-section of this website!

Furthermore we like to improve this website as far as needed, so any comments or suggestions are very welcome!