18 NOVEMBER 2008

Some photos of REMY's performance of "The Traveller" can be seen on the photos page of REMY's website. Thanks to all people who attended the performances!

"The Traveller" has been filmed entirely for a dvd-release. As soon as we have more details about this release we will inform you on this website the coming time!

30 OCTOBER 2008

REMY's performance in the Grote of St.Bavokerk in Haarlem, November 15th, is scheduled as following:

11:30 - 12:15 "THE TRAVELLER" - SET 1
12:45 - 13:30 "THE TRAVELLER" - SET 2

The second set will be supported with collaborations of cello players Jasmijn Overbeek and Rachel Mulder.

On REMY's MySpace page you can already listen to some excerpts of this forthcoming project.

3 OCTOBER 2008

Time-schedule for November 15th:

Bookmarket: 9:00 - 17:00 (entrance free)

REMY's "The Traveller"
11.30 - 12.15
12.45 - 13.30

Haarlems Symfonisch Blaasorkest
14:00 - 14:30
14:45 - 15:15
15:30 - 16:00


Here's the announcement for REMY's new project:


Listen here to Einsteinbarbie's appearance at Kink FM

Furthermore some Dutch information related to this appearance::

EinsteinBarbie geselecteerd voor Unsigned 2008 / 2009
Geplande cd-release maart 2009

In maart 2009 zal Muziek Centrum Nederland, afdeling Pop, weer een nieuwe Unsigned cd uitbrengen. Het thema van deel negen van deze inmiddels vermaarde serie is pop meets jazz. Er zijn zes Nederlandse bands en artiesten geselecteerd, te weten: Thomas Azier, Lavalu, EinsteinBarbie, Myriam Gaasbeek, Electric Barbarian en Ruben Heine. Het project draagt de titel: When Pop meets Jazz.

Deze zes bands/artiesten gaan binnenkort de studio in onder leiding van producers Wiboud Burkens (toetsenist) en Manuel Hugas (bassist). De twee heren hebben hun sporen verdiend als studio- en sessiemuzikant bij veel nationale en internationale artiesten als Candy Dulfer, New Cool Collective, Daughters of Soul (met de soullegenden Deniece Williams, Chaka Kahn en Sandra ST Victor van The Family Stand), Alain Clark en vele anderen. Elke artiest zal twee nieuwe tracks opnemen voor het album. In maart 2009 zal de cd uitgebracht worden en daarna zal een promotietour van start gaan in samenwerking met Metro.

Unsigned, When Pop meets Jazz is een initiatief van Muziek Centrum Nederland in samenwerking met Metro. De leiding van Unsigned is in handen van Sarah Mable en Nederlands jongste fulltime talentenplugger Stacey Rookhuizen.

EB in Metro
Lees het zelf


A video trailer of REMY's orchestral-electronic project can be seen on REMY's website.
More information about the live premiere of this project, which will take place in the Grote of St.Bavokerk in Haarlem, November 15th, can be found on this page within a very short time!


We have added some photos of the Schallwende Grillfest on the photos pages on REMY's website.

24 JULY 2008

Yesterday night Einsteinbarbie appeared in the 3VOOR12 Radio programme, hosted by Rob Stenders.
Certainly yesterday's mailing came too late for most of you, but you can listen to their performance

Fractional released a new album, called "Come Mierda" and will be updated in our catalogue within a couple of days.
Furthermore there have been added a lot of upcoming performances of Fractional. See our agenda for details.


There have been announced a second series of concerts of Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene Tour, with which indeed Francis Rimbert will participate. Complete tour information can be found here.

18 JULY 2008

REMY composed a new track, a rework of Antonín Dvorák's "Allegro Con Fuoco", which appears on the compilation "spX", a celebration of the tenth anniversary of the German Schallwende.
The compilation
contains reworks of classical pieces performed by electronic musicians and is going to be released by Schallwende on August 16th.
This cd will also be available from our catalog.
We will provide you with details as soon as they are available.

Also be sure to check out REMY's next performances:
- August 16th,
Grillfest at Grugapark, Essen, GERMANY
- November 15th, live at the Grote- of Sint Bavokerk (Great Church), Haarlem (entrance free)


Fractional has been selected for the Bucolique contest.
Enter the Bucolique
website to vote for our Belgian friend!

18 APRIL 2008

We've experienced a great day during the E-Day Festival in Eindhoven, last weekend.
Some photos of REMY's performance have been added on REMY website.

11 APRIL 2008

Thanks to Marie-Laure of C.Zen Prod, and Francis Rimbert, the cancelled dvd presentation finally ended succesfully. Francis took all the time for the waiting fans after the concert in Theatre Carré, where also a lot of fans took the opportunity to buy Francis' new dvd Live In 2007.


We now have the time-schedule of REMY's performances during the E-Day Festival, April 13th
There are also some changes concerning the artwork, and we have decided to release two versions of his new album This Is Not The End.
The time schedule and release information can be found on
REMY's website.


AKH Records is also present at this E-Day Festival where it's possible to buy our products, including REMY's and Francis Rimbert's new releases, so we are looking forward to see you!

Furthermore quite some performances have been added to our agenda!

25 MARCH 2008


Francis Rimbert's management confirmed that there will be arranged a siging-session AFTER the "Oxygene" concert at the location of Theater Carré. So buy your copy of Francis new dvd-release Live in 2007 this afternoon at Get Records, and we will provide you with all information about this session!

In advance we had planned the dvd presentation earlier this day, but because Francis is arriving rather late today, in combination with the planned sound checking, it became impossible to realise this. Our apologize for this! Anyhow we think the final solution is worth coming along!

24 MARCH 2008


Changes concerning the dvd presentation:

Due to the very busy schedule of Francis, he will not be able to be present at the planned dvd presentation for tomorrow, March 25th.

The dvd will be available exclusively at Get Records from 15.00h, together with the rest of his cd releases.

We will do our very best to arrange the signing session somewhere after the "Oxygene" concert. We expect to have all information available at Get Records.

See you there!

24 MARCH 2008


Tomorrow, March 25th, Francis Rimbert will present his new dvd Live in 2007 in Get Records, Utrechtsestraat 105, 1017 VK Amsterdam.

Because of the very tight schedule Francis has that day (because of Jean Michel Jarre's "Oxygene" performance in Theater Carré that evening), we still have no time available.

As it's now it will certainly be in the early afternoon; probably somewhere between 12.00 and 14.00h.
We expect exact time-details tonight, so we will post it as soon as it's known!

For all questions concerning this presentation, just send an e-mail to remy@akhrecords.nl, or contact Get Records (tel. 020-6223441).


29 FEBRUARY 2008

In the meanwhile the E-Day Festival, where REMY presents his new cd This Is Not The End, and where he will perform around this release, has been sold out completely!

It's already possible to pre-order This Is Not The End, but because we will make use of a new cd-package, we don't have the final price yet.


We will have available Francis Rimbert's new dvd Live in 2007 March 25th.
It contains a compilation of the concerts Francis gave in Suresnes and Croissy, June 21st and 23rd, last year.
If you place your order before March 10th, it's possible to have your copy autographed by Francis. Just mention this with your order if you want to!


Einsteinbarbie performs live at the Women in Paradise festival, Pardiso, Amsterdam, on Saturday March 8th.
Einsteinbarbie starts 22.30, and other performing artists are Ellen ten Damme, Candy Dulfer, Marynka & The Flowers, Fay Lovski, a.o. Tickets are € 15.

30 JANUARY 2008

Radio Jerico has invited Francis Rimbert for a special broadcast on Thursday 31. January 2008. Francis will spend this afternoon at the Jerico channel with some words during the "Pele-Mele" show between 17:00-18:00. He will be on the air again for 2 hours from 22:00 until midnight at the "Clin d'Oeil plus" show (hosted by Jean-Marie Vannesson) which will be entirely and completely dedicated to Francis Rimbert along with excerpts from Double Face, Snap Shots etc. Francis will attend with his Fantom X8 and intends to play some parts LIVE! This special LIVE show is not to be missed!

If you wish to attend the emission, or have your albums autographed, or ask questions to Francis live on the air,
please call at this phone no.: +33 (0) 3 87 75 91 11.

26 JANUARY 2008

At this moment Remy is about to finish his new project "This Is Not The End".

The new album will be released on April 13th, during the E-Day Festival, where Remy will also do a performance around his new music.
You can hear some excerpts on the discography part of Remy's website.

And we have added some photos of Remy in his new studio.