11 DECEMBER 2009

Here is the artwork for the new master of the classic album "Space Art" by Space Art!

Order your copy at latest on Sunday December 13th and we can guarantee an autographed cd by Dominique Perrier. Just mention this offer with your order!


REMY provided Beatportal with a remix of "Bostich" from the legendary band Yello.
This track makes a chance to be released by Tiger Records, chosen by Yello's management, as well as YOU!
Listen to it
here, and vote for "Bostich - Industrial Remyx" if you like it!

And another review of REMY's recent album "EoD" has been added to his album's page.

Legendary formation Space Art (Dominique Perrier and Roger Rizzitelli) just re-released their self-titled album from 1977, with new mastering, including an unreleased track and a new remixe. "Space Art" will be available from AKH Records. Pre-order your copy now and get your copy before Christmas!

We all already knew that Francis Rimbert had a DOUBLE FACE , with various HIDDEN talents .... In a felted and very cosy environment, Here is Francis Unplug version: cordial animation and fun for the opening of the very newest Lounge space of the hotel Mercure Chaponnay (Lyon) .
Small friendly break, jam session, films musics, all the standards jazzy, soul-bluesy… revisited by Francis Rimbert before his new 2010 Tour with his companion J.M Jarre.
Absolutely to discover, Francis Rimbert accompanied only with his Fantom X8 in the lounge / Piano Bar, from December 8th to 12th, from 7:00pm till midnight.

30 NOVEMBER 2009
Saturday evening Remy appeared in Stylz on Merwe radio. Other than stated before, the show last until 24:00.
Besides the interview part Remy performed some live music! For all of you who missed it: a link to the complete radio show (Dutch spoken), and probably also some video footage, will follow on this website within a couple of days!
28 NOVEMBER 2009
Tonight Remy appears on Merwe Radio during the program Stylz (20:00-22:00). More information can be found here!
Besides talking about Remy and his music, the program also features some exclusive tracks, and Remy also brings some equipment with him!
18 NOVEMBER 2009
Last Saturday Remy should have given a concert in the Grote of St.Bavokerk in Haarlem.
As some of you might already know Remy became the proud father of son Ilya this day, so the concert didn't take place!
Instead of this the recordings of a recently recorded rehearsing session for this performance could be heard.

New webshop - Online now!

We have released our new AKH Records Webshop!

Besides most of our physical releases you will be able to find a number of digital releases as well, including exclusive recordings only available here. Many more exclusives such as live recordings, special outtakes, and mixes will be uploaded soon.

13 OCTOBER 2009

Here is the flyer for REMY's performance in the Grote Kerk, Haarlem, November 14th:

Click on the image to see the enlarged version.

9 OCTOBER 2009

Today REMY's new cd "EoD" has been released!

"EoD" is the first part of the 10th anniversary of REMY's debut release, "Exhibition of Dreams", and contains newly recorded versions of a selection of the original tracks from 1999.

Snippets from the album can be heard on REMY's website:
www.remy.akhrecords.nl > releases > EoD

All tracks are also resumed on YouTube

On December 18th the second part of the jubilee edition of "Exhibition of Dreams" - consisting of a remaster of the original tracks, including a lot of unreleased tracks from the same recording period as "Exhibition of Dreams" (1997-1999) - will be released!

4 OCTOBER 2009

From the Elec Radio website:

Synth.nl and Remy are both releasing new albums this month. The album OceanoGraphy from Synth.nl will be released on saturday 17th october 2009, the album EoD from Remy will be released on friday 9th october 2009. The Music Cafe will contain previews of both albums on monday 5 october 2008, on Cygnus Radio and Elec Radio. It all start at 22:00 CEST (04:00 EDT pm, 08:00pm GMT, 09:00 pm UK) and will run for 2 hours.


And we have added a Youtube clip with "EoD" album snippets. Enjoy!


Still one month until the release of the first part of the anniversary release of REMY´s debut album from 1999, "Exhibition of Dreams".
The music for this first part of the release, "EoD" (the newly interpreted version of a selection of some of the original tracks), has been finished and will be available from October 9th!
On the album's page of
Remy's website we have added some soundclips!

The second part of the release will consist of a remastered version of the original music from the 1999 release of "Exhibition of Dreams", as well as a lot of yet unreleased tracks, dating from the same recording period as the debut album. We will supply you with information about the format of this release within a short time!

This moment REMY is preparing for his third performance in the Grote of St.Bavokerk (located on the Grote Markt) in Haarlem, on November 14th. This concert will be around his upcoming release "EoD", but will also contain a large improvisational part.
Entrance is free!


And we now have available Francis Rimbert's lates dvd release "Lyon Live 2007".
Order it now from our

22 JUNE 2009

REMY's track "The Missing Part" appeared on Planet Origo Sampler 2, which can be downloaded for free here.

At this moment REMY is in the final recording phase of the new tracks for the 10th anniversary release of "Exhibition of Dreams". Most of the tracks have been changed drastically but excerpts from the first versions of the recordings which have been made earlier this year, can be listened from the albums section of REMY's website. We will update these soundclips within the coming weeks.

Furthermore REMY's third performance in the Great Church (Grote of St.Bavokerk) in Haarlem will take place on Saturday November 14th, and will be focused around the new release "Exhibition of Dreams". Details will follow.

22 MARCH 2009

Yesterday we were present at the Schallwelle Preisverleihung. Very unfortunate REMY didn't win any prize, but nevertheless we've experienced a very nice evening where we met a lot of interesting people, and also did some some promotion for the 10th anniversary release of REMY's "Exhibition of Dreams".
In the meanwhile we have uploaded the first audio excerpts from this recent project on REMY's website.

On April 11th AKH Records is also present with a stall at the E-Day Festival. See our agenda for more information.


REMY has been nominated in the category "favourite artist/act 2008" for the Schallwelle Preis (Price for Electronic Music in Germany).
It will be appreciated very much if you vote for REMY on the
voting website. Thanks in advance!


REMY started the re-recording of the 10th anniversary of his debut album "Exhibition of Dreams", to be released at the end of this year!
Since the limited debut double CD-R sold out shortly after its release in 1999, there have been a lot of requests of people who wanted to obtain a copy. REMY always had in mind to re-release it ten years after its release. The format of it then yet unknown.

The coming time we will provide you with more details about this release, and this week we will put some first excerpts on this and some other websites.
Because REMY is now completely involved into this project, the release of "The Traveller" DVD has been put aside for the time being.